• Environment


Protecting the environment now, for the wellbeing of future generations is of prime importance to our business. We acknowledge that construction can be a destructive activity so to avoid this, environmental considerations have been incorporated into all areas of business decision making via our Integrated Management System (IMS).

Determining accurate environmental data enables us to manage environmental impacts and increase sustainability. To eliminate the risk of our activities and prevent pollution of the environment, we implement enforceable control measures on our sites that include environmental, archaeological and geological considerations.

As an ISO 14001 accredited company, Shaylor Group continually strives to actively reduce waste emissions and negative impacts on the environments in which we work.



We operate an Environmental Management system and are proud to have an established commitment to WRAP – the Waste and Resources Action Programme.

Over the course of 2017 an average of 96.9% of our waste was diverted from landfill and by 2020 we aim to recycle 100% of non-hazardous waste. Maintaining wildlife in the areas surrounding our projects is of equal importance to our teams, our clients and to the local communities impacted by our work.

As company policy, before build commencement Shaylor Group conducts ecological surveys, contaminated land assessments and consider impacts on local biodiversity. Through listening to our communities and acting on our findings, Shaylor Group is committed to reducing environmental impact through better design, development and management of our projects.

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