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Through our diverse range of projects across the UK, Shaylor Group engages with a wide range of communities. Building long term relationships with the communities in which we work is a key element to our success and we are committed to making a positive difference.

Our impact on the landscape starts with footprints and leaves lasting memories. That’s why we have built a steady and consistent reputation for demonstrating care and consideration in everything we do.

Shaylor Group has a strong track record of working with schools and places great emphasis on building links with teachers and pupils while we are on site. We introduce pupils to the construction sector by helping them understand their built environment with workshops, site visits and work placements.

After raising thousands of pounds for dedicated annual charities over the years, in 2017 we established the Shaylor Foundation to allow the freedom to serve a variety of causes throughout the UK. 

As part of Shaylor Group’s responsible business strategy, the Foundation is dedicated to supporting the communities where Shaylor Group makes an impact. We want to give back to our communities through money raising and volunteering schemes. The Foundation is particularly committed to inspiring young people and assisting in the breakdown of unemployment barriers. Through supporting disadvantaged individuals the Foundation can help them to build worthwhile careers and positive futures. In addition we want to help those affected by health and wellbeing issues through aiding in awareness and support via research and care programmes.

To learn more, please visit the Shaylor Foundation website.

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