• St Giles Church Clock and Stonework Repairs

St Giles Church Clock and Stonework Repairs

Project Details:

  • Project Name: St Giles Church Clock and Stonework Repairs
  • Client: PCC of St Giles Church
  • Value: £155,000
  • Location: Birmingham

Project Description

St Giles Church in Sheldon, Birmingham has occupied the site since 1294 and is one of only 3 churches built in the middle ages in the Birmingham area. This meant our team had to proceed with extra care in all aspects of the project so as to cause as little disruption as possible to the heritage site. To undertake the repair works we had to erect full scaffolding to the tower including an ‘overroof’. An electric hoist also had to be used to distribute the materials safely onto the tower without damaging the original stone work. The works consisted of removing the existing castellated stone forming a parapet, taking it to ground level and sorting and rebuilding using the existing and new stone. We also removed 4 weathered gargoyles and replaced them with 4 newly carved stone gargoyles carved from individual stones weighing approximately 1 tonne each. The biggest challenge was removing the existing clock and returning it to the clock refurbishment specialist for refurbishment and then reinstalling it to the church tower.