The Belfry Green Zone

The Belfry Green Zone

Project Details:

  • Project Name: The Belfry Green Zone
  • Client: TB Resort Holdings Sarl
  • Value: £4.04 million
  • Location: West Midlands

Project Description

The Green Zone project involved a series of fast track refurbishments and remodelling exercises to a number of areas including the restaurant, kitchens, bar, main lobby and external entrance. With a programme of just 20 weeks and a tight budget, it required a great deal of planning, professionalism and supply chain collaboration to achieve this demanding task. Every phase was completed exactly to programme, regardless of additional orders and variations from the Client. The key to success on this project was in the planning, and having the ability to constantly tweak programming and cascade new information to all relevant parties quickly.


"I worked closely with Paul Fairholm of Shaylor Group on the ‘Green Zone’ project at the Belfry Hotel. Paul’s knowledge of the project was flawless, at any given time he was able to answer queries and give guidance to any aspect of any phase. I respect Paul’s commitment to quality and the extremely high standards he sets for his team, which they would always deliver. I am delighted to be working with Paul and Shaylor Group on the next Belfry project, the Red Zone".

Mark Bruce, Divisional Director - 3DReid