Completion Celebrations at Norbury Moat, Shropshire

Norbury Park Estate recently celebrated the completion of almost two years of restoration works to the Norbury Manor moat with a tea and cakes event. The event was hosted on site and attended by a number of distinguished stakeholders including local politicians, the Estate’s management team, conservation specialists, Heritage professionals and Shaylor Group team members.

Once a famous local landmark, the moat is now all that remains of the once magnificent Norbury Manor and as such has been placed on the Heritage ‘At Risk Register’ and named as a Scheduled Monument. Over the years, time and weather have taken their toll resulting in a full repair of the moat being undertaken thanks to funding from Natural England and English Heritage.

The Shaylor Group team, led by Dave Disney, carried out reparations over 2 phases during 2013 and 2014 which included draining the moat, carefully relocating wildlife including Great Crested Newts and retrieving fallen stonework, before fully restoring all elevations.
Tim Ratcliffe, Conservation Architect commented “It was very satisfying to be part of the team that worked to save this structure, which was clearly at risk, and a pleasure to work with Shaylor Group’s stonemasons whose dedication and knowledge helped us understand how the moat was originally constructed”.

Pictured enjoying the commemorative cake (L-R) are David Disney, Shaylor Group; Imogen Sambrook, English Heritage; John Braithwaite, Knightley Estate; Tim Ratcliffe, Architect; Malcom Reid, Archaeologist; Paul Candlin, Natural England  and Robin Daniels of Norbury Park Estate.

Norbury Moat

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